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Hello Marti how is Hawaii.

Hello Marti how is Hawaii.

It's John

It’s John

My Aunt Grace is in Heaven today!


In the middle of the night at around midnight my wonderful Aunt Grace departed this world and went straight to our Lord and God in Heaven.  I am sad at her passing for she was a very special person in my life.  Aunt Grace will be in my mind just as she has always been in my mind throughout my life.  My Aunt Grace was the most wonderful lady, a gentle wife, a most loving mother, an outstanding grandmother and great grandmother, and for me and her numerous nephews and nieces the most special Aunt.

Aunt Grace Federico my lovely Lady

I remember so many things about my Aunt Grace:

  • I think about her way of showing her love for you and her love for others
  • Her way of showing everyone respect
  • Her love of God
  • Her love of all of her family, from her Mom and Dad, to her brothers, to her husband Jim, to her in-laws, her children, her children’s children, her grandchildren’s children, her cousins
  • Her love of the special people who touched her life
  • Her way of guiding others away from the wrong path
  • Her skill in raising children, no matter who’s children they were
  • Her understanding of the difficult decisions young people must face and her skill to guide
  • How much she cared and understood the loss of someones loved one and how it felt by others
  • Her ability to offer a helping hand just when needed and just the right hand
  • Her skill to make her house a home not just for her family but for her extended family
  • Her skill to create a meal into a feast, I loved her cooking skills
  • To me she was as solid as a rock yet as gentile as a breeze.

    Aunt Grace Federico a Lady

I for one will truly miss my Aunt Grace and the wonderful expressions of her love

  • I can see her face light up when I would visit her home
  • I could her the excitement in her voice when I would call her from other places in the world
  • I could see the hurt in her eyes when I was in pain
  • I will miss our talks from a young boy, to a young man, to a man, and a lost old man
  • I will miss her hugs and kisses
  • I will miss her calling me Johnny

    My Aunt Grace

I will always love my Aunt Grace.

Italy 2012 – New Blog


I am starting my trip to Italy this Saturday.  Marti and I will be departing the San Francisco Airport (SFO) heading for a brief layover at the Chicago Airport (ORD) before arriving at the Rome Airport (F).  After clearing Italian customs we will head to the Avis Rental Car lot and pick up our rental car.  Now with my rental car and hopefully our entire packed luggage, we will drive to the Airport Hilton Hotel for a restful one night stay.  It is at this Hilton Hotel where we are scheduled to meet with my Uncle Charles and Ginger.

On the next day our drive from the Rome Airport to southern Italy begins.  We will be visiting small villages, cities and points of interest along the way.  I am planning to post photos on my new Blog that was created just for this trip.  I hope you will visit my new blog and see the photos that will be posted as close to the time they were taken as possible.  The blog can be viewed at:

I have named this blog, Italy Land of my Grandparents by John and Marti. It will be here that I plan to explain about why this trip is so special for me.  You will learn how I was able to walk the same earth that all four of my Grandparents walked during their early years.  I am planning to visit the city of Terravecchia.  It is from that city that I understand all of my Grandparents emigrated from when they choose to depart Italy.  Terravecchia, is located in the country of Italy, Region of Calabria, Province of Cosenza.  Terravecchia is a small city with just 413 families, resulting in a total population of 856 people of which 423 are male and 433 are female.

I hope to visit two main places in Terravecchia the church, and the grave yard.  The church according to the internet is named, St. Peter of Vincoli, and it is the only Catholic Church in the city.  I hope to find a grave yard and plan to look for headstones with the names of my relatives.  This family chart may help you to see the purpose of this trip.

Family chart.

My Grandpa Sam and Grandma Jessie (the F Family)

Both of my mother’s parents came from Terravecchia

Had seven Children




Charles – My Uncle who will accompany me on this journey.

James – married Grace; My Uncle Jim and Aunt Grace

Rose – married Frank; My father and mother


My Grandpa John and Grandma Mary (the G Family)

Both of my father’s parents came from Terravecchia

Had three Children

Frank – married Rose; My father and mother

Grace – married Jim; My Uncle Jim and Aunt Grace


My Uncle Jim and Aunt Grace (an F family)

Had four Children

Anna Jean




My dad Frank and my mom Rose (a G family)

Had four Children


John       This is Me!  (the Italian Prince)



Stay tuned at the new web site for photos and more information as I gather the data…….

Sue’s Birthday Month

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Once again I will be on vacation during the month of May. This means that I will be away for my youngest daughter’s birthday. This is not the first time I missed my daughter Susan’s birthday. In fact I have missed it a few times before.  It does make me feel bad but it is the best time to go on vacation. If I start my vacation in the spring before the schools close the sites are much less crowded.

This year I may miss her birthday but I will not miss her wedding.  Susan originally planned her wedding for the month of April so I scheduled my vacation for May.  She is now getting married in June and I am happy that I will be back from my vacation in time for her wedding. She asked me to walk her down the aisle and I feel honored.  Marti will be with me so we will both enjoy the ceremony.

Sue has two children.  Her son Michael is her oldest and he will graduate high school this year.  Monica is her young daughter and will be promoted to second grade.  Bruce is her fiancé and will soon be my son-in-law.  I am a lucky man to have such a wonderful family.

My daughter Sue is a nurse and she works with children who have a long-term or fatal illness.  Sue would like to work for the Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford should the opportunity ever come about. I am very proud of my daughter and her choice of profession.  I remember a time long ago when Sue volunteered to spend her summer at a camp for disabled children.  She worked as an assistant to the children.  Sue loves her work and the children she is happy if she can make just one child smile.  If you are looking for a charitable organization to donate a little money please consider the Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford. Their e-mail is

Sue has been very busy. She is planning her wedding.  She has adjusted to her new responsibility as a nurse and may take some additional classes.  She works most weekends and on her days off she volunteers to help at Monica’s class.  I am sure that is the reason she was unable to send me any photos for their Easter celebration. I love my daughter with or without photos.

Grandma Deb and little Alexxis!

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I would like to introduce my daughter, Deb and her family.  Deb lives in the state of California and resides just a three hour drive from my home.  Deb has four children.  Her oldest is her son Jordan, followed by her daughters Caitlin, Abby and Braylin.  She has a granddaughter Alexxis, who is Jordan’s daughter.  Jordan made me a happy great grandfather just about three years ago.  Alexxis will celebrate her birthday this May, she will be three.

Alexxis is a beautiful young girl and a happy child.  Her Grandmother tries very hard to spoil her with lots of love.  As my Great granddaughter all I can do is show her that I love her and that I am happy just to spend a little time with her.  Oh yes, I do wish her a very Happy Birthday.

I am very proud of the way my daughter, Deb treats her grandchild. I am also proud of everything my daughter has done to improve her life.  Deb has returned to school to start a new career this late in her life.  She attends school and works gaining valuable experience. I see her as a positive example for her four children and her only great grandchild.  I hope she keeps following her dream and succeeds on her new path.

Deb’s two oldest children, Jordan and Caitlin have left the nest of their mother’s home and started life as responsible adults.  Jordan is trying very hard to seek a path for his future that includes his family.  Caitlin wants to become a police officer and will be starting college soon.  Deb continues to guide and advise her two adult children with very positive results.

With her two youngest children still at home Deb provides them with all the love and guidance possible.  Little Abby wants to work in the theater when she grows up either as an actor or dancer.  Abby is currently taking tap, ballet and jazz dance lessons with the hopes of becoming a triple threat. I just love watching Abby grow.  Braylin the youngest child is becoming her own little person.  She was a very shy child who spoke very little and just wanted to spend time with her mother and father.  That has now changed.  Braylin has found her voice and loves to talk about her adventures at school, her friends and her dog.  She is a pleasure to watch as she grows up. I am sure she will grow into a happy and loving adult.

Now I would like to share some current photos with you of Deb and her family.

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John C

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John C is one of my wife’s younger brothers. My wife Monica had two younger brothers, John and Rick.  She had two older brothers, Mark and Joe (Joe passed away).  John C has four sisters, my wife Monica and Donna who have both passed and Mary and Missy.  John is married to a wonderful lady, Terry.  I could tell you more about Terry but I just want you all to know that she is a sweet and special person.  John and Terry have one son, Michael.

The first time I met John, he was called Johnny, and he was playing with his younger brother Ricky.  He was a happy child with a brilliant mind.  He had a love of music and wanted to live both making and enjoying music.  He became the leading entertainer in the Bay Area.  He entertained by playing his electric piano and singing popular songs as well as his own songs.  He interacted with the audience and they enjoyed both him and his music.

John bought an 80 acre farm in North California where he grows grapes, makes wine, raises pigs and chickens.  He also raised his son in this smog free, insecticide free, chemical free environment. He has continued with his music and is planning to produce a tape by this summer’s end.  John informed me that he is very busy putting together a compilation CD of some of his home recordings of his original songs. He said that he would send me a copy when he gets it completed.  I am looking forward to this music.

Here is a photo of John, Michael and Terry.

John, Michael, Terry


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Mathew and Anna

Marianne and Jerry

J and L


Mathew sent me some photos and I would like to share them with all of you.  Mathew is my friend here in Aptos, California.  Mathew is a special friend to my niece Jackie who also lives here in Aptos.  He has been a good friend to Jackie’s daughters Morgan and Keaton.  Mathew is a talented individual who has used his skills to remodel our two bathrooms.  He loves his dog and treats him as a member of the family.  I am a lucky person to know Mathew.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I.

Keyton, Mathew, Morgan

Jackie, Mathew

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