Hello! My name is John and I choose to start this blog in the hope that it could provide some happiness to others. It is all about one of life’s major change, retirement. Yes, I retired from the world were you are paid for working. I joined the new world of retired people who no longer need to work and get paid. Life is different in this land.

First let me tell you something about myself. I started working at the young age of 12 and enjoyed earning my own money. The jobs at first were very manual and routine for a young man. I delivered papers, cut lawns, and preformed various cleaning tasks. Prior to my thirteen birthday I secured a job as the clean up boy at a local meat market.

The job at the meat market started after school and for a few hours on Saturday. At first, I would empty the bone barrels, scrub the cutting blocks, clean the floor and add new sawdust, empty the trash. The job was very simple and it allowed me the opportunity to ask questions and learn by observation some of the duties of a butcher. I learned that the Enthusiasm I displayed about my job and the job of the butchers earned me the honor to expand my duties.

Soon I was making hamburger, creating Italian sausage, cutting whole chickens into pieces, and other junior butcher tasks. One day my boss presented me with my own set of knifes and I became responsible for a section of the meat counter. I was on my way to becoming a full fledge butcher. By the time I turned fifteen I was waiting on customers and providing the standard services that the other butchers provided. I was earning money and happy.

I had money in the bank, I had a nice bike, life was good and I was happy. Then girls started to look very interesting. In fact the more I looked at girls the more interesting they looked. Soon my life changed and there was girls, work and oh yes school.

I quit this job in order to concentrate more on school. My work history aided me in being able to secure other jobs that allowed me to focus more on college. Soon I was working nights and attending school during the day. I earned both a BS and an MBA. During my college days my life revolved around school, working and my girl.

Well I will not take you through my entire work history. However you should know that I have been working full time starting at the age of 18. As an additional comment I have paid into the USA SSA FUND 100% of the maximum allowed, for each year that I worked. That represents a total of 49 years. My contribution to the fund has been $xyz.

My life continued and during most of my 49 working for pay years, I was accompanied by my wife. She was my girl, the job was my work, and earning my degrees the school part of my life.

We were blessed with two children and I know and understand how time consuming they are. My wife always informed me that grandchildren were our reward for not driving our children away. I was so lucky I have six grandchildren. When I was young I thought often of how times consuming my two children were for me. I had no idea as to how much time grandchildren wanted and needed.