Prior to my retirement my wife passed away due to a prolonged illness. I found myself focused just on work. I slipped into an enclosed place where I could work and just focus on work. It was not a happy time and I am sure that other people could see my problem. After several years of this work only life one of my children approached me and asked what I thought about her returning to school. I thought it was a good idea and informed her why she should do it. She explained about the hurdles she must face to return to school, however, she had a solution. She could move herself and her two children into my house and stay with me and attend college.

I was alone in a very large home and it seemed like a great idea. My job required me to travel and so I was not at home much of the time anyway. So she returned to school and she and her family moved into my house. I now had one of my daughters living in my house along with two grandchildren. We started to change the house to accommodate this group of people.

I asked my daughter to be in charge of the changes as I was still traveling for my job. She jumped at the opportunity and soon the house became a home once again. I found a lot of my time being taken by my two grandchildren. A teenage boy ( the skateboarder) and a pre kindergarten little girl. I went from being alone to being in a crowd. It was fun to come home.

Next I noticed how my other daughter was dealing with her family. She was starting to enter a major life change – divorce. Her four children were very unhappy and in need of some type of support. What could I do? In the old days my girl (my wife) would jump right into the mess and make things better. Could I do that? I sure felt that I was lacking the necessary skills. But I knew that I had to do something.

Retirement seemed to provide a possible solution and I started to look more closely at this option.

During this thought period I noticed that my granddaughter who was living with me demanded more and more of my time. Tasks like helping to cook dinner, watching TV, doing exercises, going shopping and a thousand other fun tasks began to take my mind away from work and look closer at living. Heck I even started to meet girls my own age. Living was much better than what I had been doing after my wife passed away.

Wow it seemed that my life went into a totally different direction. Work was no longer the center of my universe. People were becoming more and more important to me. I felt that I was needed by both of my daughters and their families. I felt that I needed someone closer to my age to share life’s ups and downs with again. What to do?

After a long talk with my CPA I discovered that I could retire and live good for the remainder of my life. I talked to work and set a retirement date. I then talked to my family and they were all happy about my decision. Soon the day came and I was a retired person.

At this time I had meet that one special girl who I could talk with and share life’s little ups and downs. She was a widow as well and we were happy together. She had two children and we both agreed that our families were our number one priority and our relationship was number two. I am sure you will understand that in time this too changed. Her family is my family and my family is her family.

Now I am a retired man, with a girl who loves me and three families that want and need me. What a lucky person I am.