Together we walked up a giant mountain and then down the mountain. We then went in the opposite direction yes it was up another giant mountain and then down again. By this time, I may have fallen a little behind Marti so we were not walking side by side. Lucky for me it started to rain, so we had to stop. Otherwise I am sure I would still be climbing up yet another mountain. After hours of going up and down mountains in the rain we returned to the hotel and I fell on the bed fully exhausted. Marti was just fine and was ready to go again after a brief thirty minute rest. I awoke at 19:00 hours much more stiff and sore, and even at my age discovered a few new muscles in my body. Once I recovered, we went to dinner at the “Three Sisters” a very nice place located right on the beach. I again ordered veal and Marti had pasta with a side of spinach. The Three Sisters sure do know how to prepare veal! The veal dish was fabulous and fresh young meat was back on my list for possible main courses. Marti’s main dish was excellent and the side of spinach was superb. We walked along the beach and planned our next day on the Amalfi coast. I suggested that we go to Pompeii and Marti assured me that there would be no hills to climb up or down.
[pasta was big tubes ? zucchini sauce… sliced thin, sauted in oil, shallot, garlic, butter, then cheese on top …. Not much maybe ricotta which melted into the sauce. Veal scalapini dredged in flour and sauted in olive oil then a sauce with lemon juice and white wine. The spinach was really good, sauted in olive oil and garlic with a little lemon juice]

We left early Wednesday morning after another trek up the side of the cliff to catch our car and driver. Falling into the car fully exhausted from the climb I was trying to catch my breath. Marti as usual was fine so we were soon off to Pompeii. Around ninety minutes later we arrived at the ancient city of Pompeii. As we left the car I was shocked to see a giant mountain in front of me. It seems that in order to enter the historic city of Pompeii we need to proceed up a giant mountain. With us was our guide Geno, lucky for me his physical condition was in as bad of shape as I. Regardless of the climb up the mountain, the time spent inside the old city of Pompeii was fun and very educational. I was very happy to spend hours learning about the old city and its people. One interesting item I learned was that it was the Greeks who first immigrated to Italy and established villages. They based their villages around basic items like olives, wine, fruits and vegetables as well as raising sheep or other farm animals. It seems that the more I learn the more likely it is that I may have come from Greek Spartan blood. Not all that bad and it does answer other questions such as why I enjoy logic so well.
We returned to Positano but first we needed to stop at a pottery shop and factory. Marti was a little surprised by the steep cost of just one tea set (cup and saucer) just 85 Euros (around $110.00). So we did not purchase any pottery at that time. We finally returned to the hotel and rested from both the drive of almost three hours (all together) and the tour of Pompeii and the pottery factory.
This day we choose to eat at the Chez Black, another restaurant located on the beach just next to the Three Sisters. This time the two of us choose to order pasta and a side of broccoli. The food was excellent and another fine meal was consumed. Off to the room for a rest and to refresh. This was followed by a light night snack and more planning for the following day. Life is good!
[pasta with four cheeses…. Ricotta, percorini, ? Added a fifth or may sixth, linguini with pesto… very light pesto…could taste the basil not too many nuts and not to oily…. Pastas cooked perfectly of course. Broccoli was sauted in olive oil with a bit of red pepper…. Little bit of garlic… not too much…. Restraint, we must learn that (for cooking).