Thursday started off in a very pleasant manner, this day we decided to take a bus to the village of Amalfi. Soon after another pleasant breakfast of Italian ham, fresh fruit, and great baked goods we headed to the bus stop. Well I am happy to report that the bus stop was on top of another mountain. So with my wonderful breakfast to sustain me we started the assent. After just two rest stops we made it to the bus stop and lucky for us the bus was also resting before it began its assent up another mountain. We boarded the bus and off we went. In a very short time we were at the top of the mountain and waiting for the next bus. It arrived and as we attempted to board the bus we learned that passengers needed to have our tickets in advance. So we headed down the mountain a short distance and stopped at a gas station and were able to purchase two bus tickets. The next bus was due in 20 minutes and we were able to make it back to the top of the second mountain before the bus arrived. Again, we boarded the bus and were on our way to Amalfi. Lucky for me the bus was packed and I was able to stand for the whole bus ride to Amalfi. (Marti on the other hand had to sit in a special seat with a panoramic view of the road and the “Golto di Salerno” [Sea of Salerno]). About one hour later we arrived in the village of Amalfi. My arms were happy to be hanging from my shoulders as the blood returned. I had needed to hold onto the overhead bus bars and my heart had a little problem pumping blood that high.

The bus trip was worth it! We departed the bus and crossed the street to enter the plaza. To our right was the beautiful church of St. Andrew. It dominated the plaza and the steps to reach the church seemed to go all the way to heaven. Yes, we went to the top of the stairs and toured the church. The tour took us through the old church were men and women were allowed to attend but in different areas. Then down some steps to the very old area before we needed to climb up some more steps and view the church of today. (As a note, it was here we discovered that it is necessary to charge the battery of the camera if we want to take photos of the church.) In the newer church it seems that the shroud of Turin was once at the church but that was hard to tell as it was all in Italian. We exited the church and climbed down the steps and were back in the heart of the plaza. We could head left or right both seemed like flat ground or we could climb up another mountain and visit multiple shops. We had chosen the village of Amalifi for its shops of pottery and paper so up the mountain we walked.
[we were able to purchase a new battery for the camera at a small camera shop near by]