A visit with some cousins!

I was driving down the freeway when my cell phone rang. I answered the call and much to my surprise the call was from Ginger, my uncle Charley’s special friend. After our normal greetings she asked if Marti and I would like to join uncle Charley and she for dinner. The reason for the dinner was that my cousin Gary was down from Sacramento and uncle Charley felt it would be a good time for all of us to see each other. She went on to inform me that my cousins, Henry and David my uncles sons, Gary and maybe my cousin Donna who is one of my uncle Dominic’s children might attend as well. I was very excited as I had not seen these cousins in over a decade. I let Ginger know that I would call her back but that I had to check with Marti as she was at work and I was unsure of her departure time.

I ended the call and quickly called Marti. As normal, I left a message on Marti,s phone asking her to call me back asap. Within the hour Marti returned my call and after a brief discussion we discovered we could meet everyone for dinner that night. I explained to Marti that in addition to uncle Charley, Ginger and my cousins Henry, David Gary and possibly Donna that they were bringing their partners as well. Henry and his wife Kathy and David and his wife Debbie, Gary and his special friend Cara would all be there. Marti informed me that she could be home soon enough for us to attend. I was happy and after ending the call with Marti I called Ginger back and let both her and my uncle Charley know that we could attend. I was already excited but now my thoughts turned to my cousins and what they would be like.

That night we all meet at a small restaurant in Carmel Valley. Wow what fun! I was not the only man with gray hair. Henry looked just like he did years ago except for some gray hair, David looked very much the same except he was sporting a goatee with a little gray, and Gary looked the same except he seemed much taller and had a little gray around the temples. Uncle Charley looked great as usual, I only hope I can look and act half as well as my uncle.

What fun we had. Marti talked with the ladies and I talked with the guys. We visited for the evening reminiscing about things from our past. We had a lively discussion about my current Medicare enrollment. Can you believe grown men would have a discussion about Medicare. We talked about how Marti and I meet. I explained about the large number of losers I meet looking for Marti. I explained about the lady who asked if I was a US citizen as well as a few of the other ladies I meet. We were all laughing and enjoying the moment. It was so nice to be together with my cousins without the event being the death of someone we love. We talked about a lot of other things.

We talked about our siblings our other cousins and our aunts and uncles. It sure is great being in this great Italian family. All to soon it was time to leave and end the party. My insides were doing flip flops. I was so happy to have started to rebuild the family ties yet I was sad to be leaving the party.

On the drive home all I did was talk to Marti about my cousins. We talked (maybe it was just me talking) all the way home. In fact, we talked late into the night. Wow what fun I had. I just wish you all could have been so happy.