Lucky for me it started to rain and it was hard to tell if I was just sweating or if I was just wet from the rain. With small torrents of water rushing down the path we proceeded up the mountain. We stopped at each pottery shop and I soon discovered that my taste in pottery was very poor. Lucky for me Marti’s taste was much better and we soon had a few gifts for my children. Not to just spend time in pottery shops we stopped in a few tourist shops and were happy to purchase additional gifts for the grandchildren and Chris. We were getting a little tired and hungry so we proceed down the mountain only to remember we wanted to view the original paper factory in Amalifi. It was at the top of the hill so we returned to our climb of the mountain to the paper factory. My hunger had left me and we arrived at the paper factory. It was very interesting and I was surprised to learn that paper was made from cloth in the very early days. Today we make paper out of trees or wood products. With some additional gifts and souvenirs we headed down the mountain for lunch.

[There was considerable discussion about what to purchase for Deb and Sue. We finally settled on salt and pepper shakers. Left on my own I would have purchased ceramic burros or touristy tacky aparons]

We stopped at a wonderful little local place for lunch and ordered pasta with mushrooms and stuffed calamaro with a tomato salad. As always the food was grand and we shared everything. After eating we continued our trek down the mountain and were soon on the bus returning to Positano. We boarded a little early and we were both able to sit on the return drive. My arms were very happy and I am sure my heart was pleased that it did not need to disappoint me again. Soon we were back to our hotel and resting on the bed. My feet and legs were very happy.
[linguini al dende with wild mushrooms and cream sauce… not too much. Calamaro stuffed with bread crumbs, capers, a bit of chopped mushrooms, the sauce was light with a bit of tomato chopped, maybe lemon juice, white wine, oil. The tomato salad was simple with wedges of really fresh flavorful tomatoes with a dressing of oil, vinegar and a bit of mustard…. Very good].

After resting we went down to the lobby and sent e-mails and called our children. We were not very hungry so we followed the waiter’s advice and had a snack of fried cheeses, eggplant, vegetables and ravioli. Our idea for just a light snack before heading back to our room for sleep was crushed.
[risotto balls with cheese melted inside, egg plant patties, fried cheese, fried ravioli, fried gnocchi with veggies inside, and fried zucchini and pumpkin sticks… very light batter like tempera. Marti had 3 glasses of local white wine… one glass too many.]