Friday is the day we start our return trip to the city of Rome, but first we need to stop at just one pottery shop and secure a plate. So up the mountain we had to climb, not just to the main level but to the highest level. Lucky for me, (now know as the mule) we had already packed the suitcases so we were going to have the one plate shipped to the states. Do not be surprised when more than one plate arrives in the USA they were just so beautiful and Marti had trouble trying to decide.

We returned to the room and completed packing and checked out of the hotel. Yes, for us it was one last trip up the mountain. I can not tell you how much this mule was to be leaving the mountain however I was very sad to leave the village of Positano and our beautiful room on the Amalfi coast. Once on top of the mountain, we waited for our car before departing beautiful mountainous Positanio. The ride to the train station was very beautiful. I did not get car sick and was able to enjoy the ride for over ninety minutes. The secret of drinking just a little coke and setting in the front seat did the trick. We arrived at the Napoli train station and were soon off to Rome. Just a little note – a very nice man took my luggage and carried it to my seat on the train I tried to thank him but instead of thanks he wanted three Euros per bag, ok he was not such a nice man.

The train ride was very pleasant and we departed the train and headed to the cabs. Lucky for us we found a very nice cab driver who helped us to his cab and we were off to our Hotel “Marcella Royal”. In less than 10 minutes we arrived at the hotel and lucky for the cab driver it was far enough that we needed a cab but close enough that the minimum charge of 25.00 Euros applied. After paying the cab we checked into the hotel, went up to our room and unpacked.

What a charming room, it may have been just one half the size of our room in Positanio, but the fact that we were in Rome more than made up for its compactness. We rested and read about places in Rome. We choose to eat at a converted church that had been turned into a special Calabrian ristorante “Sacro e Profano”. Before we left for the ristorante we checked with the front desk. They asked if we like spicy food because it was their opinion that all Calabrian food is spicy. We like spicy food so off we went to my special Calabrian ristorante. The food was good, but not outstanding except for the side dish of eggplant. Also, I do not understand why they think Calabriase food is spicy, mine was very bland. We returned to the hotel and went to sleep with excitement about our tour of Rome scheduled for early Saturday morning. Sleep was very restful as the bed was one of the most relaxing beds I have experienced in a very long time.