Saturday was the first formal vacation day in Rome. We started the day early and were picked up by the tour company before 8:15 am. Then it was off to see the sights. The first stop was the “Trevi Fountian” a little less crowded than yesterday but still very enjoyable. Yes both Marti and I tossed coins into the Trevi fountain and hope to return to Italy in the future. Next we were off to see The “Piazza Barberina” with the Trident fountain, followed by the “Piazza Nabona”. An interesting point is how many obelisk we found in the city of Rome. It seems that there is one before each main church, an obelisk at the end of major streets and sometimes we could see one just there in front of us. Then we were off to see the Pantheon. It is very special both as a spiritual shrine and as an historical edifice to the early Roman days.

Departing the Pantheon, we were taken to Vatican City. Once inside the Vatican City our first stop was a special gift shop and our guide pointed out the special items carried by this shop. It seemed to me that our guide must do a lot of shopping at this place because she was wearing a lot of the items. In fact, she would remove an item from her body and use it as the subject explaining why each person would consider owning the item. After we finished shopping in this gift shop we were taken to St. Peters Square and allowed to stand in a very long line so we could see both the “Tombs of the Popes” followed by St. Peter’s Basilica. I think we were allowed more time in the gift shop than we were allowed to spend at St. Peters Square. After leaving St. Peter’s Basilica, I needed to stop and enjoy a call of nature and then discovered we had to run out of the square so we could catch the bus. The bus departed soon after we arrived and we were then headed back to the hotel and a much needed rest.

After resting Marti thought it would be fun to walk to the “Spanish Steps”. I can not tell you how much fun I had walking both too and from the Spanish steps. If I thought the mountains were steep and tough, the trek to the Spanish Steps and back to the hotel was a real killer. Lucky for me we made it back to the hotel just before my feet would stop moving forward. Do to my sore feet we were able to enjoy a late night dinner just across the street from the Marcella Royal hotel. We ate outside and I had soup and Marti had ravioli’s. The food and service were excellent! So we were soon back into our room and asleep.