Sunday, it was to be our day of rest. We started the day a little later than the other days. We were out of bed by 8:30 am and at breakfast by 9:30am. We went down to the lobby and caught a cab to a section of Rome called “Trastevere”. The cab driver dropped us off at the “Ponte Sisto” a walking bridge to Trastevere. Once in Trastevere we strolled down the old streets and soon came upon the church named “Santa Maria.” This church was one of the most beautiful churches I have seen in all of my travels. The church dates back to the twelve century and is best known because it shows the Holly Mother as an equal to the men in heaven.

The church was so peaceful we stayed for mass. I was very happy that I was able to enjoy mass in Rome and especially in this church. It was made even more exciting because the mass was specially held for individuals with hearing impairments. After mass Marti and I strolled around the plaza and did some shopping.

We selected some fine jewelry at a very quaint shop and were treated as guests by the owner of the shop. We then stopped at a local restaurant and ate a healthy lunch. We had a bread and artichoke starter accompanied by a large plate of vegetables, followed by pasta with egg white, bacon and cream sauce. After lunch we returned to the quaint shop and purchased some additional gifts.

We were then off on our way to explore just a little more of Rome. We crossed over the river Tiber on a bridge for both people and autos. Once over the bridge we stumbled upon the “Theater of Marcellus” and took photos. Just around a bend in the road we arrived at the “Vittorio Emanuele Mounment”. The beauty in the sculptured items was overwhelming. We took photos and after some time spent just enjoying the structure we headed back to the hotel so we could rest before our night out. Just before leaving we looked down a street and saw the Coliseum. We decided not to visit the Coliseum as the lines were very long and we were both getting tired. It was then time to be off in a cab straight to our hotel. We will take the much needed rest before we go to dinner in celebration of Mothers day.

Sue – just for you I dressed in my special dress outfit to go to this dinner with Marti. Shoes, long sleeve shirt and slacks adorned my freshly showered body and with my hair combed we headed to our mothers day dinner. It is nice to know that I was not the only person dressed well, however, there were a few dressed very casual as well. Dinner at this place was the worst meal during our whole vacation. I can hardly remember what we had or how bad it was prepared. Lucky for us it was close to the hotel so we only had to walk a short distance before we were back inside our hotel room.