Monday was our last day in Rome and we started the day on the Vatican Museums tour. It would be impossible to see all of the Vatican Museums in just one day. We then decided to limit our tour to the Spiral staircase, Gallery of Tapestries, Gallery of the Geographical maps and of course the famous Sistine Chapel with its magnificent fresco of the Last Judgment by Michelangelo. The tour was one big eye opening event. As soon as one item was viewed another item as beautiful or interesting would appear. The mystery and beauty of the museum was dwarfed by the Sistine Chapel. We were allowed to stay inside the chapel on our own for 25 minutes. We found a place to sit and just looked at the beauty and felt the holiness of the chapel. We left the Vatican tour and went shopping for gifts. Lucky for us, our guide again took us to her special gift shop and we were treated to her now famous sells pitch. Marti and I left this shop and ventured next door were we selected gifts.

With our gifts we returned to the hotel. We laid down for a little rest time and then went out to eat lunch. We found a very pleasant place to eat that was filled with Italian business men. The food here was the best we had in Rome and we had trouble eating all that was presented to us. We returned to the hotel and bragged about the place we found and how good the food was. We were a little tired so we went up to our room to prepare for our exit from Rome the next day. After packing all three suitcases we reviewed our items of dress for the following travel day. We took a short rest and went out for our last enjoyable meal in Rome. We went back to the little family run place across the street from the hotel. This time Marti had the soup and I had antipasto. Ten it was back to our hotel to await our car and driver for Tuesday. I know that I will be sad to leave Italy.

Tuesday, what a day! Our first plane is late by six hours. That of course makes us unable to connect and we find ourselves in Chicago for the night. It would have been nice to be home but is nice to be with Marti for one extra night. We will be home sometime Wednesday.