Lunch with my Cousin Donna.

Today Marti and I are babysitting my granddaughter, “little ms m”, and today we are scheduled to have lunch with my cousin Donna. Donna was a middle child and her parents were my uncle Dominick and my aunt Francis. I am very happy to be seeing her as it has been so many years ago that I cannot even remember the last time I saw her. I am both excited and nervous as I sure hope she likes me as much as we liked each other years ago. The morning went by very slowly but finally it is time to drive to Moss Landing and find a table at Phil’s.

We arrived early so we stopped and let Marti and little ms m see the harbor seals. Oh my gosh, there were hundreds of harbor seals. We watched the seals for some time and answered some of little ms m’s questions. We had the most fun watching the younger seals trying to secure a place on the dock. They would try and jump out of the water and on another seal they would land. Sometimes the other seal would move and sometimes the two seals would fight until one was back in the water. Finally it was time for lunch. We left the seals and headed to Phil’s.

We arrived just at 11:30 am the time we had agreed to meet. So shortly after we had picked out a table I saw both my uncle and cousin walking into Phil’s. I got out of my chair and ran up to greet uncle Charley and my cousin Donna. We hugged and gave kisses and said are hellos. It was so good to see Donna. It had been such a long time since we had seen each other that I was worried she would not recognize me. How lucky for me as soon as she saw me I knew that she know who I was. She had the same great big smile and the same warmth radiated from her. I knew it was her the moment I saw her.

We were quickly at the table and I introduced Donna to both Marti and little ms m. I also introduced uncle Charley to my granddaughter and after hugs and kisses we sat down to talk. Ginger was not with my uncle Charley so I asked where she might be. My uncle said that she was not feeling very well and that she had stayed home. I was sorry that Ginger was not feeling well and that she was not able to make the lunch. Ginger is a very nice person and she has gone out of her way for me to see my cousins.

It was so very exciting I started talking to Donna and did not even look at the menu. I was talking to Donna and my uncle Charley. They were talking back to both Marti and me. We stopped just long enough for us to order our lunch and then we continued to talk. I was talking to my uncle Charley and listening to the conversation between Marti and Donna. It was a very happy time as we laughed and talked. Soon our lunch arrived and we ate and talked through lunch. It ended all to soon but Marti and I had to return to Aptos as her daughter was due back from traveling and we did not want her to be alone.

We left Phil’s and once outside we took photos and said how we must do it again. I am planning to spend some time with my granddaughter Abigail and I think she would enjoy meeting my cousin Donna. I am sure we could meet and start just where we left off. I am looking forward to our next time.