Our Trip to New England and Canada October 2010

Marti and I started this journey from our home in Aptos, California much earlier than our departure date of October 7, 2010. First we discussed where we may go. After multiple ideas were discussed it was decided that a trip to peek at the fall foliage was something we both would enjoy. Once we had agreement we then needed to plan our excursion. With consideration given for schedules and vacation time it was agreed that we would depart on October 7, 2010 and return on October 19, 2010.

We departed our home in Aptos on October 7 heading to San Jose, CA to spend the night with my daughter Susan and her family. The following morning we arrived at the San Jose Airport and boarded the first class section of a plane to Dallas, TX. (Yes, all that traveling for business had some perks) At Dallas we boarded another plane and headed to Boston Mass. On our arrival to the Logan Airport we headed straight to the Avis center and picked up our car for this special journey.

Soon we were headed into the City of Boston. We went straight to our hotel in Revere, MA for the night. After our arrival at the hotel we headed out to find a place for dinner. We were lucky to find a small little place that served warm sandwiches. Early the next day we were on our way but prior to leaving Revere we headed back into Boston and stopped to visit the Boston Commons. Marti and I enjoyed a walk through the park taking photos and enjoying the beautiful sunny day. We walked down an old Boston street and saw how the city was trying to renovate older sections of the town. Then we were off to the Boston harbor (remember the tea party) as well as stopping at several churches. We enjoyed a wonderful lunch at Legal Seafood (if it is not fresh, it is not Legal). After a late lunch we were on our way to peek at the fall colors.

After lunch at Legal Seafood we were off to Brattlebro, VT. The drive into the northern side of the state of MA was very enjoyable and both Marti and I were happy and excited about the upcoming sites. Along the way we saw some fall foliage but it only wet our appetite for what was to come. The drive was slow and peaceful as we enjoyed the trees in fall colors that were along the way. Soon we were entering the State of Vermont. We stopped at a State of Vermont Welcome Center. With this stop we learned just how helpful they would be along the way. We choose a two lane road best known for the variety of trees, therefore the most colors. The colors were bright and something I had never seen before. I explained to Marti how my mother, Rose, always said that the one thing she missed after moving to California was the fall colors. I could see why she said this about the fall foliage. I am very happy my mother told me about this and that I followed up and choose to see the fall foliage even if it was in the fall of my life. We arrived at our hotel but prior to our arrival we stopped to see a covered bridge. We took pictures of the bridge and I felt like Clint Eastwood in his movie “Bridges of Madison County”