Early the next morning we departed the hotel and headed quickly to another covered bridge. Again, I felt just like Clint Eastwood taking photos of the second covered bridge. We also saw some beaver homes in the river as well as some beaver dams. This trip was exploding with much more sites than just fall foliage. Along the way we saw lots of signs informing us that Moose cross the road so we paid much more attention looking for a wild Moose. The closer we got to Burlington, VT the more things we saw. I was sad that a wild Moose was not something either Marti or I was able to spot. Soon we were stopped at “Ben and Jerry’s” ice cream factory. It was nice and we got a photo of an ice cream Sunday but it was not all that I was hoping it would be. We were quickly off to our hotel for the night and planning our next day as we needed to cross over the border into Canada.