After a very restless night (I was excited about entering Canada) we headed off to Canada. Our destination was the city of Montreal. What can I say the northern area of Vermont is spectacular. The trees as well as the plants were showing beautiful colors and the roadside was alive with small farms, and multiple streams. I was surprised at how beautiful and less populated this area is in comparison to the bay area in California. We crossed the border and the view along the roadside changed instantly. We were no longer on a road cutting through a heavy forest of trees spotted with the occasional farm. We were in an area of cleared land used to grow corn. All we could see was one farm after another and this view repeated all the way to the city of Montreal. We arrived at Montreal and soon we were looking at tourist sites in the city. I was very surprised at how crowded for a Monday the streets were with cars. In fact, we found that the tourist sites were also very crowded with people. The crowds made our site seeing very difficult. It seemed that we went from one traffic jam to another. In addition to the very heavy traffic parking was just as difficult. Once we found a place to park the crowds slowed our walking and we found taking photos difficult. We gave up trying to see any tourists site and returned to the hotel. Once safe in our hotel we soon learned that it was the time of year when Canadians celebrated their Thanksgiving Time Holiday. We chose to end the day at the hotel and start over the next day.

The next morning we checked out of the hotel and headed to the highest point in Montreal. We had tried this yesterday and were unable to even get close. This morning we arrived quickly and were able to pick from a plethora of open parking locations. The holiday time had ended for the Canadians so we did not experience any traffic congestion or throngs of people. After our visit to the highest point in Montreal and our stroll through the park we were on our way to the historic city of Quebec.