I was tired from driving so Marti drove into the city of Quebec. I was fast asleep in the passenger seat. She woke me as we arrived at our Hotel. This city is very impressive and beautiful. Our hotel was located in the newer part of the city, just outside the old historic city of Quebec. Our room on the tenth floor had a beautiful view of the old historic city and the wall that surrounded and protected the old city. We tried to drive through the historic city but gave up because it was 5:00 pm and rush hour and the traffic was very heavy. Instead we parked the car at the hotel and walked over to the old city. What a pleasant walk, we crossed the park and entered the old city from the far gate. Once inside the wall we found a city very similar to European cities of the past. There were items of interest as well as lots of tourists’ shops to visit. We saw just how much the Canadians enjoyed Halloween. The old city had witches, scarecrows, goblins, pumpkin heads and more everywhere. We saw an elegant hotel high on a hill overlooking the St. Lawrence River. We were able to view the St. Lawrence River and took multiple photos in order to remember its beauty. We returned to the hotel in the late evening and prepared for pleasant night’s sleep. The next morning we were awoke and soon we were headed out of Canada and off to New Hampshire.