Our first stopping point after departing Canada was Littleton, New Hampshire. We spent a long time on the roads prior to our arrival in Littleton. We were both happy to arrive but we were most happy to remove ourselves from the rental car. We had spent a little over six hours driving to Littleton. Driving time was equal to about four hours and sightseeing accounted for two hours. Again we found that by traveling on the two lane road took more time but the sights were well worth the extra drive time. We stopped often and enjoyed not only the fall colors but a walk to a beautiful water fall. We found that stopping at visitor centers was very rewarding for the information provided. We learned about visiting visitor centers from our first stop when we thought we were lost after we entered Vermont. The centers are full of information about the local area and the staff is very helpful in assisting us in locating items we wanted to stop and visit. In fact it was at the visitors’ center that I learned about the covered bridges.

We arrived at the hotel around 4:30pm and were just very tired and choose to just eat snacks for dinner. After a very restful night we headed to the “Bay Point Inn” in New Hampshire. The drive was short and we arrived at the inn early. We drove around the town but that took just under one hour so we stopped at the inn to see if they could direct us to some local activity. Instead of directing us away from the inn they welcomed us into the Inn and allowed us to check into the room at that time. In addition to our early check in our innkeeper was able to upgrade us to a room overlooking the lake. This place took on a very special meaning for both Marti and me. The room was lovely and gave off a charm from the 1920’s. The lake was very beautiful and a storm (a Nor’Eastern) was coming in. I laid down to rest just a little and very soon I was fast asleep. Marti had been lying beside me and we had planned to rest for a short time and then take a walk around the village. Well with me fast asleep Marti said that she tried to wake me and after a couple of tries left for the walk around the lake without me. She walked for over one hour before she returned to our room and woke me just prior to dinner. We had reservations for 7:00 pm in a wonderful little Italian restaurant. Marti and I enjoyed a meal of baked Artichoke with blue cheese, Calamari with hot peppers and wonderful pasta with chicken. At the end of dinner we ordered a lovely lemon cake with berries and much to my surprise the entire staff delivered my desert singing “Happy Birthday” with one lady blowing a very loud out of tune horn. I was very embarrassed but it was too late to do anything but enjoy the moment.