The next morning we headed to the State of Maine. It was a very nice drive even though we were in the path of the rain from the “Nor-Easterner” storm. Even with the heavy rain the country side was beautiful. We arrived in the town of Camden and soon found our “Bed and Breakfast Inn”. The inn was named “The Maine Stay Inn” and it was run by a married couple who had emigrated from Italy just one year ago. They explained that it had always been their plan to immigrate to the USA. The Inn and the town of Camden were so charming that instead of staying just one night we stayed for two nights. We enjoyed our first dinner meal at a place called the “Sheppard’s Pie”. The food was excellent and the service was fast and courteous. On our last night we walked along the rim of the harbor and selected a small place with a grand view of the harbor. Our dinner was not as good as the night before but the view was peaceful and beautiful.

At the start of our second day in Maine we went for a very long drive. We were out to see the beauty of the Maine coast. We set our goals of visiting two different lighthouses at different points along the Maine coast. The first was a very famous small lighthouse. This lighthouse looked so small I do not know how it could signal any vessel. The second lighthouse was positioned at the very top of a hill overlooking both land and ocean. It fit the image in my mind of a real Maine lighthouse. The first lighthouse seemed very wimpy. The second lighthouse was the one I thought we would see at both locations. After this long drive to see the two lighthouses we headed back to the city of Camden. Once inside the city we headed to the Camden Hills State Park. This park overlooked the town of Camden as well as the Atlantic Ocean. The site was very beautiful and breathtaking, and we took lots of photos. The city of Camden was the only place we stayed for more than one night. The people and the surrounding area were peaceful and very relaxing. I was very sad when we had to leave and Marti expressed the same sadness.