We are both tired and just a little uncomfortable in the car. It is the day before we fly out of Boston and we are leaving Maine. We are heading to our hotel that should be very close to the Logan Airport. However, we wanted to make a stop in Salem, MA for our last little bit of sightseeing and lunch. Well we must be getting tired. First I was trying to navigate and we missed the turnoff for Salem. Backtracking (and changing the navigator) we headed back and soon found our way to Salem. Boy oh boy was it packed. We waited and crawled slowly in heavy traffic. On reaching the parking lot we found that they wanted $20.00 to park for just two hours! It seems that they were having some major event with streets closed and thousands of people walking around in costumes. Departing this mess of people and congested streets we were on our way to our hotel by the Boston Logan Airport. Well at this point I should inform you that each time I have been in Boston I have got myself lost. This day was to keep me in form. After about ninety minutes of driving I realized how lost I was. We had passed the airport and ended up somewhere. We still do not know where we were and we do not care to learn. We were lucky that when I listened closely to my navigator we were able to find our way out and locate another hotel that provided better directions to our hotel. It was late when we arrived so we ordered food to be delivered to our room and planned to depart with enough time that should we get lost again we could still catch our flight.

We checked out of the hotel and were lucky to find the airport on our first try. We turned in the rental car, and took the bus to the terminal. Check in was fast and soon we were in the club for our wait to board the plane. It is always nice to be heading home.