Now that I have provided a little background about the clan I will try to explain about the creation of the actual event. Going back in time we find that Mary the wife of “doc” and the mother of the eight Casolary children was first to pass away. With the passing of Mary “doc” realized that he was in the winter of his life. So he began to establish items that would continue after he was called to return to God. I can remember at least three main items. The first was that he wanted his radio service to continue long after his passing. The second was that he wanted to continue providing birthday gifts to his children and grandchildren for as long as the lump sum of money could last. His third item was the creation of an account to fund a party that would occur once each year for all of his children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren to attend.

This third item became known as The Annual Casolary Gathering. Under the supervision of “doc’s” son Joe the event began. Once each year during the summer time Joe and Arlene would open their home to a gathering of the Casolary Clan. It was a very special time starting from the very first time it was held. There was swimming, drinking, eating, and lots and lots of talking. Small groups would form, and the sound of laughter and talk would explode from the group of people. The group would break apart and people would either join another group or create another group with different family members. From the start of the gathering there was food and the food would continue until the end of the gathering.