The Casolary clan is Italian. Both “doc” and Mary were children of two Italian parents. This fact made all eight of their children Italian. I bring this fact up at this time to better explain why this event had so much food. I have attended both Italian and non Italian parties and it is just my opinion that Italians provide much more food than is needed for the event. I do not know why but I can suggest the following as reasons. Italians are just bad at estimating how much food each person will consume. Italians plan that they will be sending food home with their relatives. Italians do not know how to make pasta for two. Italians will not purchase serving trays or bowls that are small or dainty. Italians just like the rest of the world will not let someone leave their home thinking they must stop to nourish their body. Italians believe that it is normal that once you eat you should be hungry three days later. Should you not agree with any of my thoughts please feel free to add one of your own.

Well back to the “2001 Annual Casolary Gathering” the major difference this year was the location of the party. After years no after decades of this event taking place at Joe and Arlene’s home this year it was to be held at Missy and Cindy’s home. The reason for this major change was that my brother-in-law Joe had passed away after a tough fight with cancer. I will always remember Joe as a wonderful person, father and partner to Arlene. Of course, I will also remember Joe as the one person who truly evolved the Casolary party into the Annual Gathering of the clan.