Cindy and Missy had a very difficult task ahead of them. They had volunteered to attempt the first Annual Casolary Gathering after the numerous memorable and successful gatherings at Joe and Arlene’s home. Talk about a tough act to follow. This would be a monumental task.
Marti and I planned to attend the party starting at around 1:30 pm and heading back over the hill at 5:00 pm. I had just started to return to the gathering after an absence of four or more years. My reason for not attending had to do with the passing of my wife Monica Casolary. I had chosen to hide from contacts that made me feel sad because she was no longer with me.

In fact I had started to return just three years ago. The first time I returned I was made to feel so welcome that I realized that I had missed these people. I did not stay very long but after leaving I was able to realize that the joy of seeing my family friends greatly outweighs the sadness pangs from missing my lovely wife Monica. The second time was a combination birthday party (for Jim Heath) and the Casolary gathering. I did not consider this gathering as much a gathering for the Casolary’s as a birthday party for Jim Heath. It was a great party and it was the first time I brought Marti to a family gathering. Again the welcome I felt and the positive and warm welcome provided to Marti made me feel like a family member more than a member of the in-law clan. I felt I was a Casolary and I was proud and so happy!