This I hope sets the stage for my return to the Annual Casolary Gathering at Missy and Cindy’s house. I am sorry to say that I had forgotten just how long this gathering normally lasted. After reading the invitation it stated that the party would start at 1:00 pm with snacks and dinner. I missed the section about bringing your swim suit and how you could swim in the pool. I had not been to Missy and Cindy’s home and I did not know they like Joe and Arlene had a pool in their backyard. I guessed that the party would end around 5:00 or 6:00 pm. This was my expiation heading to the gathering.

We arrived at the party around 1:15 pm and I noticed that we were among the people who had arrived first. This was unusual for me and I was a little confused. Pushing the confusion out of my mind I started becoming social with all present. I was talking to and kidding with all of my family members. Just like all other family gathering teasing, kidding and joking among the family members continued throughout the discussions. We did not talk about the news or politicks we talked about each of us and the fun we had or plan to have. I also visited the appetizer table again and again. Dips with both chips and crackers, stuffed mushrooms, nuts, pizza, ham rolls, soft pretzels were just some of the items I remembered being devoured by me.

Again I was made to feel so welcome and comfortable I could not understand why I had not attended after Monica’s passing. I noticed that everyone was making Marti feel just as welcome and comfortable as me. She was being treated as just another family member. We even had an exciting discussion about our colonoscopies. We found out that there were two nurses who complemented Ricky on the beauty of his colon. (note to me > Next time I have my colonoscopy I want the same drugs Ricky was given). The party was a most wonderful event.