Our hostesses, Cindy and Missy, went over the top in making everyone feel welcome, happy and comfortable. The food was so special and wonderful that my diet went out the window so fast all I could say was “I’ll start again tomorrow”. It was amazing to see Cindy and Missy flutter about making sure everyone was enjoying the day. People were swimming in the beautiful pool and they were sitting in small groups laughing and talking. Everyone there was having a great time. Cindy and Missy had done an excellent job in picking up the gantlet from Joe and Arlene.

I also felt sad about John and his wife Terry who were unable to make the gathering. Yet even though they were unable to make the event their son Michael did arrive and attend. It would have been nice to see John and Terry but I for one could sure understand how other things can interfere with this gathering. After my departing the party a little early and on my drive home my thoughts drifted to the Casolary’s unable to ever attend the function again. I thought of my wife Monica and how she and her brother Ricky would dance down the yellow brick road. I thought of Donna and how happy she was (in fact I thought she was aglow with joy) the very first time she brought her son Mathew to the gathering. Of course Joe was in my thoughts not just as the past host of the gathering but as the man with some of the best jokes I ever heard. My thoughts of Harry (doc) and Mary were tugging at my heart and I knew that I had left the party at the right time for me.

Thanks to all the family members who attended. You all made the event special and something worth doing forever. To the few who could not make it this year, I hope to see you next year! To all the direct children who were able to attend thank you ever so much. To the children unable to attend I again hope to see you next year. To the grandchildren and great grandchildren this is a gathering that will provide you with a proud family history and an event that must be continued. I love you all!