The day the water heater went out was a day of fun.  I got out of my bed at my normal time (around 8:00 am) and headed for the bathroom.  I shaved brushed my teeth and then went into the shower.  I turned on the water and it seemed a little cold.  I tried to adjust the water temperature so it would not be cold.  I soon had it all the way to hot and it was still cold.  It was then that I realized that someone must have used all of the hot water.  This had never happened before today.  I was surprised.  Oh well, I could just wait and take a warm shower later in the day.  So off I went to work on my small list of chores for the day.

That evening, after Marti arrived home, we were talking about her day at work.  Then we talked about the few things I had done around the house and how much we were both looking forward to the fourth of July weekend.  It was during this talk that I mentioned that when I tried to take my shower there was no hot water.  This very much surprised Marti and she said that something must be wrong.  This had never happened before if fact she went on to state that they never ran out of hot water because they have an extra-large hot water heater.

This concerned me so I went out and took a look at the extra-large water heater.  It was in fact a very large water heater but I noticed it had water on the top and it was running down the side.  I tried to see if I could find where it was leaking but I could not see any problem.  I then looked at the pilot light and found that it was out.  I tried to relight the pilot light but was unable to keep it going.

By this time Marti had come to the water heater to see what was taking me so long.  After seeing the water heater and the excess water as well as my face she suggested we call a plumber to solve the problem.  I had failed to fix the water heater.  Well I guess you cannot win all the time.  I called the expert Plummer.