Oh joy!  The Plummer could not fix the water heater either.  This made me feel a little better, neither the expert nor I could fix the water heater.  The water heater had died a valiant death.  The water heater still had the guarantee glued to the surface.  It was guarantee was good for 12 (twelve) years and after reading the purchase document it was just 12 years and two months from the date of purchase.  How do companies know just how long purchased items will last?  This is one of the main reasons I dislike Life Insurance Companies.  What do they really know about how long I will live?

The following day my Plummer arrived with the new water heater.  Soon we were disconnecting the old one and preparing to move it to the trash.  I was there to aid the Plummer with this move.  He picked up his end and I picked up my end.  He started to move and that was when I
realized that the water heater was way too heavy for me.  I tried but my feet would just not move.  Quickly I had to scream that I could not help
with the moving of the water heater.  It was right at that moment that I understood I was as old as my grandfather!  A dead water heater needed to be replaced and a young person just realized he was very old.  This was not a good day.

Well I went back into the house, the Plummer called for some help and the project was completed without my help.  Lucky for me I was still able to pick up my ball point pin and check book to finish the task.