Today is just another normal day in my new life of retirement.  I woke up early in the AM and found a note from my sweetie.  She would like me to just install two blinds in the bedroom.  This is no problem as it should take me just about thirty minutes.  Today is my busy house cleaning day so an extra thirty minutes will not hurt.  So out of bed I leaped and into the bathroom I went.  Soon after I left the bathroom I stripped the
beds of their sheets for the laundry.  Next I started the first laundry load of sheets.  Back to the bedrooms I went to make up the beds with last week’s clean sheets. Then I went outside to water the plants in the yard.  After each wash load was complete I would fold and store the clean sheets, towels, and other items.  With the beds made and the plants watered I proceeded to install the window blinds.  Thirty-five minutes later the window blinds were up and working just like magic.  Went into my room and started my computer to work on my blog.  Oh my, another e-mail from my sweetie. No big deal she just wants me fix the lock on the bedroom door and if I have time could I stop by the store and pick up some chicken for dinner.

Thinking out loud I said, “Gee! I made all of the beds and washed folded and put away all of the sheets and other laundered items.  I took all of the empty boxes down to the garage.  I went outside the house and watered the plants in both the back and front yard.   I had installed the window blinds and now, my sweetie just wants me to fix a lock and go shopping.”  So the next thing I did was to go to the store and get the chicken for dinner. On my return from the store I will fix the lock on the door.  Taking a little time to think I knew that next I will be expected to prepare the chicken for dinner.