Oh no! I just remembered today I need to go and get my blood work completed before my next doctor visit.  Lucky for me I had not eaten anything all morning.  So before going home I went to the medical lab to have my blood tested.  I walked into the lab and for the first time in all my life no one was waiting to be tested.  I signed into the log and turned in the paperwork. Before I could sit down he called my name and
I headed to the room where they draw my blood.  The nurse stuck me with a hypodermic needle and took my blood.  Expressing my thanks to the nurse I left the lab happy knowing one more item that needed to be completed was done.

I head home to place the chicken in the refrigerator and think about how I will prepare it for tonight.  After placing the chicken in the refrigerator I wanted to check out my e-mail account. Wow what a surprise, another e-mail from my little honey.  You are correct inside the e-mail was one more request.  All she needed was for me pick up two and one half pounds of Al Pastor and one and one half pounds of chicken from Gordo’s.  I called and
placed the order then I drove to the restaurant and picked up the order.  I was home just in time to start dinner.  I bet there are lots of men out there who wish they had a day like this.

Call me if you would like to help me with my honey do’s!  Better yet, call me if you would rather do something called fun!