The event started very close to on time. Most people arrived at or before 1:30. When I walked into Buonarroti’s with Marti on my arm and Alex just a step behind me

I saw a large group of people talking and laughing. To my surprise that large group of people was my family. I saw some family members that I had not seen for a long time. It looked to me like the event was off to a good start.

After a quick huddle with my two sisters, Marianne and Jessica, we shared the information about our brother Sam and his wife Anne. They would not be able to make it to the party as Sam was ill and Anne did not want to leave him home alone. This was very sad news as we all wanted our brother and his wife to be present to enjoy the family. With the three of us together we started talking and saying hello to other family members. My daughter Susan called me to explain that she and her sister had taken a wrong turn but would arrive just a little late. I was glad because they comprised of all of my grandchildren and my great grandchild. It just would not be a reunion without them.

Soon after the call Susan and her family arrived. Deborah with her family was right behind Susan and with her was my great granddaughter, Alexis. I noticed that my oldest grandson, Jordan, Alexi’s father, was missing from the groups and it was then I remembered that he had called explaining how he had to work. Again I was very sorry that he like my brother and sister was unable to make the family reunion.

I noticed that all three of Marianne’s boys, Frank, Gary and Brian, were present along with their families. Jessica and David had all of their children, Josh, Dave, and Jenny, present and with their families. I saw Gail and during our talking saw Rosie and her son Evan. The last family member to arrive was Taryn. Taryn is a lovely young girl and I was very happy she was able to make the event.

Marianne started the reunion with a prayer. In the prayer she identified the few family members who because of their passing could not attend this Giudicessi Family Reunion except in our hearts. They are:
a) Frank and Rose Giudicessi, my mother and father, (Nan and Pops, to their grandchildren), ok ok mother and father to my two sisters (Mary Anne and Jessica), and my brother Sam
b) Jerome, son of Sam and Gail Giudicessi, brother to Rosie
c) Monica, wife of John Giudicessi and mother of Deborah and Susan