Oh my god the brunch was Great. I had fish, crab, sausage, bacon, fruit, and lamb. We ate for hours. Then we were off to the beach just 50 yards ahead of where we ate.

Soon we were heading back with the girls in one car and the guys in another car. The guys stopped over at Bills friend Pete and we assisted Pete with some work in the soon to be new home. We also visited Pete, his wife, the dog and a catholic priest, Father Mike.

I think it is time to introduce you to my new girlfriend. She is a widow as well but she is a little more assertive than other widows I have met. Her name is Olive and she is very cute. She likes to fly over to me and she walks all over my shoulders. She will give me kisses and she asks to have her head rubbed. She is a very cute parrot all the way from Columbia. We are getting along great. I did not know just how special she could be but she stole my heart.
Good news. I have been walking each day after my arrival to Grand Cayman Island. Sunday started off with a 55 minute walk that covered three miles. I was walking with Anne and she showed me around the area. It was fun and I was able to set up my walks for the following days. Monday, I walked for one hour and ten minutes and covered three and six tents of a mile. Tuesday, I walked for around one hour and twenty minutes and logged four and one tenth miles. I hope that I can maintain this healthy activity.