Back to my activity for Monday. Marti and I chose to drive to Rum Point for the day. We left the house around noon time and were soon stopping at a small place that was right on the sea’s edge. Marti ordered fish and chips and I ordered a hamburger. We shared our lunch with each other and we were able to experience different items with just one meal. The fish and chips were much better than my hamburger. I will try to do better next time.

After lunch we headed to Rum Point and we were almost ready to enjoy a swim in the lagoon. But as the normal items happen, I soon realized that I forgot to place my swim trunks in the car. Lucky for me there was a shop at the point and for just $50.00 I was able to swim that afternoon. Boy do I need to remember items much better. So in addition to my two pair of swim suits I am the proud owner of a third pair. The lagoon was beautiful and Marti was soon in the water. She is a good swimmer and the cold water did not affect her at all. In fact she thought that the water was very warm. As I watched her enjoy the water I could sit on the side only so long. Into the water I went. Boy was the water cold. I was brave, so I walked out into the water. As the water reached my knees I know it would take extra time to get used to the cold. I continued walking and soon I was up to about mid-thigh. Getting used to the water was taking me some time and Marti was splashing me and telling me to “man up” and just jump into the water. It took me a little extra time but soon I was under the water and swimming with the fishes. I think Marti got so tired of waiting for me to start swimming that she had enough swimming so she took up the sun bathing position on the shore. I was now happily swimming around the lagoon and soon saw some fish. Marti returned to the water and soon we were having fun swimming and playing under water tag. It was lots of fun. I was lucky in that I saw lots of fish as well as some stingrays. Soon we were tired so we returned home.

On the way back we stopped at the store and picked up a few items for dinner. We started dinner and with the arrival of Anne from work we were soon enjoying drinks and waiting for dinner to be ready. Well you guessed it we were distracted by the drinks and the conversation and I burned the sweet potatoes. Oh well, I guess people like the taste of burned sweet potatoes because they were all gone by the time dinner was over. I may need to make that one of my special plates. We enjoyed dinner of oven baked vegetables, pork tenderloin, cucumber salad, and very well done sweet potatoes. We talked and visited until 9:30pm, late for us, and then headed off to bed.