Tuesday started off with a wonderful walk followed by a swim in the pool. Then we were off to shop in the one and only city on the island, Georgetown. I was able to find the boys some nice shirts, and we found some bracelets for some of the girls. We did not find Marti her combined birthday/Valentines gift but we stopped at all the jewelry stores. Lucky for me they had chairs in some of the stores and I was able to sit for most of her shopping day. Tonight we are going to hear a local band and then we will eat.

Well we arrived just a little early for the band, so we went to dinner first. We ate at Casanova’s right on the beach. The view from our table included two pirate ships and three other boats. The food was good with Marti having pasta and tuna and I had chicken. As always we shared our dinner with each other. We enjoyed dinner with Bill, Anne and their neighbor, Pat. The conversation was enjoyable as was the company. Soon we were off to the roof top bar for the band. We stayed much too long. The music was fun and the band was having such a good time that we just could not leave. It was a night of country western music. Not the current rockabilly but music from the fifties and early sixties. The band played two songs based on my requests. I was familiar with each song they played. In fact Bill was surprised that I knew all the words to most of the songs played.