We are planning to go to the Botanic Park. I am sure it will be lots of fun with lots to see and learn. First I needed to take my walk. I was in a very good mood for my walk. It was not as hot and the air was a little less moist. I walked for five and one half miles. The time to walk that long was just one hour and thirty five minutes. On my return I showered and we were soon on our way to the Botanic Park. On entering the park we noticed lots of signs warning that Iguanas may sleep under your car so before leaving check under your car for any blue Iguanas. Starting at the visitor’s center, we were soon off to visit the Orchid garden that was still under development. It is the Cayman winter so we did not see much in bloom. On the path we saw a large Cayman Blue Iguana. It was very tame and we were able to take photos of this rare but lovely animal. Leaving the Orchid garden we found our way to the Heritage garden and saw many trees that grow the island. I was surprised to learn that the Avocado tree is a native plant. We then walked through the Flora Colour Garden. All the plants that are sold by my home for indoor beauty were here outside doing well and growing with little effort. A walk through the Palm Garden was next with caution signs all about. It seems that falling coconuts are very dangerous and can even kill you if it hits your head. We then sat in a lovely rest area were we encountered another Cayman Blue Iguana. He too posed for a photo opportunity. After a short rest we were off to explore the Woodland Trail. During this walk we saw a snake, birds, one very strange bird, and some very nice humans. Soon we were back to the car and ready to head for Bill and Anne’s home. Before leaving we both looked under the rental car and were. happy to learn that no Iguanas choose our car to sleep under. We returned home and cleaned up for a visit to a local art showr at the Ritz Carlton. The art show was very nice with both paintings and sculptures. Bill seemed to know most of the artists and we were able to have some of the artists explain their process to us. Besides, being beautiful we were educated about how some items are created. What a fun evening. On leaving the exhibit we went to dinner at a very nice place, joined by some friends of Bill’s and Anne’s. It was late when we arrived home and soon we were all asleep.