Still tired from yesterday’s walking I only walked three miles but it only took me fifty minutes. Not too bad for an old man. Next we were off to the Jewelry stores for Marti’s combined birthday/valentines gift. This time we were able to find just the right item. I was so happy. Marti was very happy. We were both happy and then we were hungry. Off to a special place for lunch.

Next we were shopping for dinner items for the four of us. Kirks had everything we were looking for. Steaks, chicken, cheese, and other needed items. After a stop by the Ice Cream section we completed our shopping and were returning to home. Tonight I will make dinner for Bill and Anne.

Well dinner was a success. We had chicken, pasta with vegetables, corn muffins, and a cucumber salad. This was followed by a scope of Ben &Jerry’s Chunky Monkey ice cream. Dinner and wonderful conversation ended our day.