The morning was very pleasant. I walked all the way to the Turtle Nest Inn and back. That is a total of six miles round trip! Wow that is an all time best for me. I can tell you that the last half mile was very difficult. I ended the walk with a dip in the pool.

Marti wants to go into the ocean today. We will be trying the sea-side today. It is much different from the protected side (seven mile beach). That beach was mostly a sandy underwater environment. The sea-side should have more sea life. I hope to see a sea turtle.

What a wonderful time I had swimming around the reef. I saw lots of fish, small fish, big fish, two conch and some things I was not sure just what they were. We swam through the turtle grass, over the coral, and close to the sandy bottom. I had a really great time and do not remember swimming as far as the two of us swam. By the time I was tired and ready to call it a day I had not seen a sea turtle. Well maybe next time. We left the ocean and swam in the pool to clean off the salt water. Then it was off to the store for some last-minute items for Marti’s special birthday dinner. After shopping we returned home and started to rest before preparing the birthday dinner. I slept for over one hour and that helped me by recharging my battery.
Soon after my nap I was working on Marti’s birthday dinner. I prepared some of her most favorite items. We had Italian rolled steak (rouchalie, which I don’t know how to spell), cauliflower with peas, crispy French bread, sweet potatoes, and both wine and champagne. For dessert we had a chocolate cake with pokadots. Pat and Will from across the street, also referred as “the Opposites” joined us for dinner. Dinner was wonderful and after Marti opened her gifts, which included a stylish purse from Anne and a purse holder from Pat, we called it a night and went to sleep.

The next day it was time to head for home. I packed the bags. We said our goodbyes and headed to the airport. Oh no we had to go back to retrieve Marty’s glasses and say goodbye again. I will miss this island and of course little Olive.