My Colonoscopy (Without Photos)

Last week I got the news direct from my doctor. He felt that it was time for me to have a Colonoscopy. My heart stopped, my head began to hurt, my stomach started to turn, just as I asked my doctor. “Why, what did I do?” Nothing he answered it is just time. All of a sudden I was not feeling very well and normally I would be happy if I felt sick and I was inside my doctors’ office. Today nothing was going to help me get over my sick feelings.

My mind flashed back to my first Colonoscopy. I remembered having to drink one gallon of some terrible liquid. I had been told that the liquid was cherry flavored but that did not help me to drink the terrible gallon of liquid. At that time I thought nothing could be worse than having to drink so much liquid in such a short time. Then I remembered that was how it started.

My mind replayed how I ran into the bathroom. Next I almost felt that same feeling of how my insides tried to empty themselves and pour from my body. I could remember that no sooner did I think it had stopped then it would start all over again. I even remembered how I sat still trying to complete the drinking my one gallon of liquid and at the same time I could feel the same liquid pour out of me. I remember thinking was I just a funnel. I remember thinking that I was just like a funnel. You know what I mean something that if you poured liquid into it the liquid would pour right out at a different point (or should I say end). My memory told me this event was not going to be fun.