Stopping my mind from flashing back to such an unpleasant memory I was back in the examination room. I quickly asked my doctor if I had to drink another gallon of liquid. He told me no but then he also told me that I had to see another doctor who would perform the Colonoscopy. I could ask that doctor all of my questions. Dismissed I returned to the waiting room to await my instructions as to the next doctor I was to visit.

My thoughts flashed back to what my doctor had said today. My doctor said that I was in very good health. My lab tests showed that my cholesterol was under control. My Hepatic functions were all in the normal range. The doctor tested my blood pressure and stated that my blood pressure was very good. Then my doctor listened to my heart and informed me that my heart rate was excellent. At that moment I was a very happy young man. Then the doctor looked into my medical folder and after a few minutes he looked up and informed me about my need for a Colonoscopy. It was at that point that my happiness ended and I felt like the old man I am.

Well I meet with both the nurse and the doctor about my Colonoscopy. Everything will be fine as long as I believe everything they told me. Great news! I do not need to drink one gallon of liquid. All I need to drink is two liters of a solution (that taste like lemonade) and two sixteen ounces of water. I am no expert on liters but two liters is about 66 ounces and if I add an additional 42 ounces for the two glasses of water I come up to 108 ounces. I that moment I forgot just how many ounces are in a gallon of liquid?

Well I remember now. There are 128 ounces in one gallon of liquid. My doctors told me the truth. I do not have to drink a gallon of liquid. I was saved from drinking a full gallon by not drinking 20 extra ounces. I am so happy.