Well as I leave this doctors office I head to the drug store to have my prescription filled. I am informed by the druggist that it will take some time to fill the prescription so I choose to return to the drug store at another time. I leave the drug store and head to the grocery store to pick up some liquids for my liquid diet. At the grocery store I select some seven-up, beef stock, and some tea I pay my bill at the checkout counter and return to the drug store. My prescription is ready, so I pay and leave the drug store with the package in my hand. I am now ready to start the process for my test.

Today I start my liquid diet. Tomorrow is the day of the Colonoscopy. I am ready. Marti said she will take the day off work to assist me. So I am totally prepared to start my liquid diet. At this time I should let you know that I am someone who can eat or skip breakfast. So the early part of the day goes very well. However around noon I am hungry so I drink some tea, followed by beef broth. I notice that I drank a total of thirty-six ounces of liquid in less than fifteen minutes. I think that the medicine I must take later in the day is going to be easy. Oh no, it is just one thirty and I am hungry again. This time I try some seven-up. I find myself hungry again and it is only two thirty. I know that I have gone longer without food but today I sure am hungry.

The late afternoon drags by and all I think about is how hungry I am. This must be some kind of physiological trick my mind is playing on my body. Just because I was told that I cannot eat all I can do is think about eating. No wonder I feel so hungry and can only think about food for the rest of the afternoon. Somehow I get through the few remaining hours and it is time to drink my medicine. I laugh to myself as I remember how easy it was to drink sixteen ounces of water, broth or seven-up early in the day. Drinking the medicine should be a piece of cake. (I should not say or think Cake, I am way too hungry.) I pour my first eight ounces of medicine into a glass. The liquid is clear and it smells just like lemonade. I lift the glass and down my first eight ounces of the medicine.