The medicine had started to help clean out my Colon. I found myself sitting on the throng as the medicine and whatever was still in my bowels began to poure out of my body. No sooner would I think that the medicine was done and as I would try to get up off the throng then another rumble would start and I was back sitting on the throng with both the medicine and anything still in my bowels pouring out of my body and into the bowl. OMG this was not fun. Up, down and up down again and again the process just would not stop. Soon my bottom hurt from the soft toilet paper, I then had to switch to baby wipes. The baby wipes helped a lot and I wondered why I had not started using them much earlier. I thought to myself when would it end. When would my system be clean of the remaining food particles. After a few hours this dumping process slowed. I found that I had enough time to lie down and rest in between my stays on the throng. Around 11:30 pm that night it seemed to finally stop. It was then that I fell asleep.

I awoke at five o’clock and prepared myself for the Colonoscopy test that was scheduled for today. After brushing my teeth and taking a shower I felt the need to return to the bathroom again and sit on the throng. Surprise, the residual medicine and remaining water just shot out of me. The next thing I knew the movement was over and I could get dressed and leave. Soon we were in the car and heading over the hills on our way to the surgery center. Thank goodness Marti was with me. It was her that gave me the strength to see this process through to the end. In fact I had even forgiven her for making the tuna melt the night before.

After stopping so Marti could refill her coffee mug we entered the parking lot to the surgery center. I gave Marti a kiss goodbye and then we strolled into the surgery center hand in hand. I filled out the necessary forms and provided my driver’s license and my health insurance card. Then I waited for my name to be called.