After my name was called I was walked into a waiting area. My first stop was with a nurse who again asked me the same questions I had been asked before. Next she was taking my blood pressure, temperature, heart rate and O2 saturation. I passed so the nurse led me to area with a bed. I was provided a gown and then asked to completely disrobe. I completed undressing and slipped on the provided gown. The same nurse returned and hooked me up to an IV. The nurse informed me that I would soon be taken into the room where the test would be preformed. I waited for someone to come and take me away.

Soon another nurse arrived and I was being wheeled into the room. The room was cold and my doctor was sitting waiting for my arrival. He and I exchanged greetings and he introduced me to the staff that would assist him in the procedure. I greeted each person and the next thing I remember is being told that the procedure was over and I was being taken back to the area where I had changed into the gown.

One day of hunger, one evening of having to drink such terrible stuff, and multiple times sitting down on my throng as my colon was cleaned, was now over and I did not even know it occurred. Oh well I am not scheduled to return for five more years. I am so glad the test is over. I will go home and sleep away the rest of the day.