Another normal day!

Does anyone really know what a normal day is like? I for one do not know what is normal and what is not. In order to add something normal to my blog I am going to write about today, the first Friday in August. The morning started just like all other week days. Marti’s alarm went off at 6:10 am and she got out of bed and prepared herself for a day at work. Marti departed the house at 6:45 am ready to join the car pool for the drive to work.

I wake up at the same time as Marti but I do not leave the bed. I turn on the TV and check the weather. After the weather I check to see if the program “Cheaters” is scheduled to run. If it is available I watch the program. If it is not on then I am ready to get up and start my day. Today was a good day “Cheaters” was on and I was able to see two men cheat on their girlfriends and one woman cheat on her boyfriend. It is always funny when the guys get caught cheating they are either sorry, or mad for being caught. However when a woman gets caught it is always the man’s fault for not asking her.

Well after my laugh for the morning with all cheaters caught, I crawl out of bed and prepare myself for my day. I fix the bed and then go downstairs to head outside and find the newspaper. With the newspaper in my hand I go back inside the house, sit at the table and read about the tragic events from yesterday. Today I learn that the stock market took another dive and we may be in a recession. See nothing unique or abnormal happening today. I wonder if any of my investments will grow for me or am I just going to spend my savings to survive. Well I cannot let this get me down so I call my daughter to see how she was feeling. I get a positive report from my daughter so I am happy again.

You know what I mean. As long as your family is healthy and safe anything else is just a minor distraction. Along those lines I start thinking about my girl Marti. I know that I promised to make her a great dinner for tonight so I start to plan the dinner. I look through the freezer and choose lamb steaks as the main course. Next I look in the vegetable bin and nothing there seems to go with the lamb. I decide to head to the store and pick up some fresh vegetables that will compliment the lamb. Prior to driving to the grocery store I call Cindy to see if she would like me to bring something for the family gathering scheduled for tomorrow. After a brief talk all she would like me to bring is some form of dessert.