I enjoy going to the grocery store and love spending time in the bakery section. I arrive at the grocery store and the first thing I see is a chocolate cake. It jumps into my shopping cart and I smile. Next I smell fresh-baked bread. I just love fresh-baked bread. It makes me think of my grandmother who made her own bread. I can remember smelling the fresh made bread and when my grandmother would cut that first slice of bread she always gave it to me. I would slather it with butter and the next thing I knew it was in my mouth. Nothing tasted so good. I am sure it was not just the bread but the love my grandmother felt for me that made the experience so memorable. I sure do miss my grandmother.

Next I see that pies are on sale but they are cream pies and I know the refrigerator is full so I make a mental note to pick up a couple for the family gathering on Saturday. I need to leave the bakery department before I purchase everything. In the produce section I look around for some ideas for dinner. Wow the cauliflower looks beautiful and the eggplant seems just right for tonight. I can make my special cauliflower with peas and my Italian baked eggplant. I then see some nice firm cucumbers and I know they will be my salad tonight. I head to the checkout counter, wait my turn, pay, and head for home.

I hear my phone ring so I answer and it is my friend Chris. He would like me to go with him to visit a local glass blower artist. I quickly check the house and head for my car. Oh no I see that the trash company has come and left the empty containers. I quickly move the empty trash containers from the street and back to their resting place on the property. I enter my car and head out to visit with Chris and see the glass blower artist. I arrive at Chris’s house and he shows me his new toy. It is a paddle boat. The paddle boat looks like a very long kayak but without any hollow area to fit the paddler. This ocean paddle boat is just a very long surf board that you would lay down on and paddle with your hands. It has a rudder that you use to steer the boat with. I am sure it would be fun to play in the ocean with one of these paddle boats.