Marti has a little “Honey Do” or the bathroom “do”

This all started after I moved into Marti’s house. Marti’s husband passed away three years before I entered the picture. With his passing and after the grieving time the bathroom next to the master bedroom became all Marti’s. And as we all were taught in school a void is never left void something will always fill the void. Marti filled the void in the master bathroom with more and more of her stuff. By the time of my arrival there was no space open for my few items. These few items are important to me as they consist of the following: Shaving Cream, a razor, a toothbrush, a bar of man’s soap, toothpaste, deodorant, aftershave, shampoo, and hair conditioner.

I soon learned to keep my few items in my travel bag. This helped me to keep these items together as well as easy to take with me when exiting the bathroom. Marti was not happy with this arrangement and felt that I should have a “wicker” basket. The “wicker” basket would replace my travel bag. The thought of me walking out of the bathroom with a “wicker” basket did not picture well in my mind. I thanked Marti for her wonderful idea and tried to explain my feelings about “wicker”. It was still early in the relationship so my feelings won over decor. The next day Marti presented me with what she said was a cute clear plastic container that could function in place of my travel bag.

What could I do? I moved my things out of my travel bag and arranged them in the “cute” plastic container. Yes she had gotten around my objections again.  Just so you know I have learned to just live with these little setbacks. Well as you can imagine this did not end with the “cute” plastic container. I could see her mind starting to work overtime. After a few weeks Marti had another idea. She wanted to replace her pedestal sink with a bathroom vanity. Not just any vanity it must be one that she likes and it must have drawers on each side. The top must be Italian Marble, with splash sides double the height (so not four inches but eight inches). Oh yes the sink must be the kind that is mounted under the vanity top. (I soon learned that this was called a undermount sink by the sales people) Marti did not want something like the rest of the world she had to have the unique undermount sink.