The search began in the big city of San Jose, California. I searched multiple marble and granite shops to understand the material and labor price for Italian marble. I soon learned that I could purchase a slap of marble, or partial prepared counter tops in either eight or ten foot lengths. Then they added additional charges for cutting the marble to size and polishing. I soon found that my taking notes had an extra advantage. The people who sell real stone for counter tops have multiple ways to increase their profit based on the customers’ lack of knowledge. An additional charges for a smooth polish finish was one method to increase total sells, this was after charging to cut the stone to size thereby creating the rough edge.

The one charge I liked most was a charge to come to the house and measure the area so the stone fit perfectly. As the customer you were informed that unless this was done correctly you may need to return the counter top for additional cuts and polishing. Some sellers of stone included one cut or one to polish one side, others wanted to charge for delivery as well as installation. It seems to me that as soon as they had a real customer the game was to get the most total sells dollars possible. I dislike games but I have learned to play throughout my life. Instead of playing the game I tried to find someone who would treat me fair.