Lucky for me I found a young lady who helped me to purchase a marble counter top for a fair price. She was working for a stone company that I had not yet visited. I drove over to the stone company expecting to get the same treatment as before but instead I was surprised by this honest young girl. Instead of insisting that I must purchase a full slab of marble she offered me a remnant at less than half the price of a full slab. My measurements for the counter top and splash guards were estimated to use a little more than half of a full slab. She had just offered to locate me a marble remnant and sell it to me for a fair price. She did charge me to cut the stone but explained why it was not necessary to polish all cuts. This reduced the cost of labor by one-third. As for the delivery of the marble the manager said that he would delivery it for no additional cost. I was happy I had found a fair store. I put half down and awaited the delivery of my marble counter top.

The young lady informed me once she had located a marble remnant large enough to complete my order. The store manager instructed me how to make a template thereby reducing the cost to zero for professional measurements. I completed the template as well as providing the template for the undermount sink, and the template for the facet. The counter top was scheduled to be completed and we were soon to have a remodeled bathroom. Marti had found the vanity she wanted. The color was perfect with a simple shaker style. It had a total of six drawers with three on each side. It included a large central storage area and just needed some minor modification to improve the use of this large area. Marti was so happy to have found a vanity cabinet in a style that meet her taste and the dark wood stain that went great with her light wood floors. This cabinet along with the marble counter were ready to be installed.