After short discussions between Marti and I that it was soon decided that we were going to hire a professional person to handle the installation. She assured me that she knew I was capable to install it myself but it was heavy work and she did not want me to hurt myself. So we hired a skilled local individual named Mathew. It was another good decision because his professional skills enabled him to handle the normal challenges that always occur with home projects. Removing the wall, resetting the pocket door, modification of the marble splash guards, and modifying the plumbing to fit the new vanity were a few of the challenges. After watching Mathew deal with the challenges my feelings did not hurt and I was happy Marti insisted that we hire a professional.

With the completion of the bathroom vanity, and marble counter top I was to be moved from my “cute” plastic container, to three drawers. What luck it only took months of discussion, months of looking for just the right cabinet, months to secure a real marble counter top at a fair price, and a skilled professional individual to install it all. Now I could move from my “cute” plastic container to a set of three drawers. Oh no I was only able to fill one drawer and a small part of another drawer. Again Marti came to my rescue and filled my empty drawer. Well I am sure that I do not need more than one and one half drawers in the bathroom.

Should you need the help or assistance of a professional – give Mathew a call I am sure you will be pleased. Call him at 1 (831) 212-8930