After meeting Marti and finding out just how much we enjoyed spending time together, I found myself a resident of Aptos, California. We live in a beautiful home just a short walk (two blocks) to the beach. At night I can hear the surf pounding the sandy beach and sleep comes quickly. My mornings are wonderful with the sights and sounds of a fresh new day starting. At first I was captivated by everything new and unique and my days were filled with discovery. Then as the newness became commonplace I began to wonder just what could I do to fill my day.

Marti and I talked about this and I decided that I would like to donate my time to something that would benefit young people. During my career in Silicon Valley I had donated my time to helping young people. These young individuals had made a mistake in their life but were now trying to turn their life around. The organization I joined assisted these young people by finding jobs, providing guidance, and acknowledging their success. It made me feel good that I was contributing.

One day soon after our discussion Marti suggested that I talk with Melanie Shaffer Freitas and discuss the possibility of volunteering for Habitat for Humanity, Santa Cruz County. I talked with Melanie and after my discussion I did a little research on the organization. I was very pleased to discover that both the organization and Ms. Shaffer were viewed as a positive force within the community. I learned of the evolution of this non-profit agency and its accomplishments. In addition to the organization I learned about the Executive Director, Ms Freitas and her accomplishments as well as her creditability in the community. I was hooked. I wanted to belong. I wanted to be a part of this positive team. Lucky for me I was asked to join the team and become a Member of the Board of Directors.