After becoming a member of the Board I learned of the many accomplishments of this wonderful organization. I learned how in the past few years and under the leadership of Ms Melanie Shaffer Freitas the organization evolved. It improved the following items:

• Increased the visibility and name recognition of Habitat in the community
• Developed a “pipeline” of projects that will sustain the organization for the next 3-5 years
• Evolved from an organization that just reacted to one with a strategic plan
• Secured the highest level ever of financial support for the organization
• Cultivated a highly committed and professional Board of Directors
• Hired and trained professional employees to support the organization
• Increased the number of volunteers and engaged volunteers with a variety of skills
• Doubled the asset base of the organization

Volunteers and contributors are critical to the success of the Habitat for Humanity Santa Cruz County program. Volunteers are involved in construction, fundraising, advocacy, administration, committee work and more. . I learned that each Habitat affiliate, including the Santa Cruz County organization is completely self-reliant. They do not receive any funding from Habitat International.

The Habitat organization gratefully accepts contributions from corporations, individuals, foundations, civic and faith-based organizations. If you would like to become a contributor to Habitat for Humanity Santa Cruz County please visit the web site: