Prior to my becoming a member of the Board of Directors, the Frederick Street, Santa Cruz construction project was completed. This became Habitat’s 34th home in Santa Cruz County. This home was built with 500 hours of homeowner sweat equity and the help of over 100 volunteers contributing 6000 hours of labor.

Habitat for Humanity Santa Cruz County is currently under construction of three new affordable homes on Blake Lane in Scotts Valley. The families have been selected for these homes, and will soon begin working with volunteers to build their homes. These three homes are scheduled for completion early in 2013.

Our current main project is to secure at least one new lot so we can start building our 38th home right after the completion of the Blake Lane project. If you or someone you know can aid us in the start of this project please contact us now. Starting this project will allow us to continue with experienced volunteers and leaders.

Currently we are in the process of developing plans for our largest home build. With the past donation of a one acre plot of land on Rodriguez Street and the in kind donation from
Bowman and Williams, Consulting and Civil Engineering
1011 Cedar Street
Santa Cruz, California

we may be able to start construction around mid to end of 2014. This project requires much more planning and development than a single home project. This is why it is so important that we fill the gap with our 38th project.

I joined Habitat for Humanity Santa Cruz County because I want to contribute to this community. I am very hopeful that my becoming a member will assist this worthwhile organization to continue developing homes for individuals living and working in our society. I hope you can join me by contributing, volunteering or helping in any way you can to allow this organization to continue its mission here in the Santa Cruz County.

Visit our website and see what you can do to help.