I drove all the way to Salinas, California to see “CHICAGO”

Sunday November 20, 2011 is a very important day. First and foremost it is the birthday of my oldest granddaughter Caitlin Johnson. She turned nineteen and plans to continue her education by attending junior college and has registered to start in January 2012. I am very proud of her and want her to continue with school until she has a BA and a Masters in a field of her choice.

On this special day Marti and I had made a date to join my Uncle Charley and Ginger to see the Western Stage production of “CHICAGO” at the Hartnell community college. My cousin Donna Federico has worked for The Western Stage for years (I think she said for more than twenty years). I was going to see my cousin perform for the first time. Where was I for all those years? What was I doing that kept me away from seeing my cousin Donna as she performed on stage? I do not want to think about the past so I will just focus on the day.

We left Aptos and headed over to Salinas. We were on our way to see Chicago. We arrived at the Hartnell campus and parked next to the theater. Uncle Charley and Ginger arrived right after we parked. We went to the will call window to pick up our tickets and then proceeded to our seats. We arrived about ten minutes prior to the start of the show. I was very excited and could not wait until the beginning of the show.